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Warm welcome to all of you! I am Arpita Roy from Mumbai living here from past 2 years and working as a professional high class independent Mumbai escort. Mumbai Escorts are expert in service and are very promising to their clients. I am a travel freak person and love to explore so I am always ready to go out with my clients for complete fun and entertainment.

Mumbai Escorts services provide immense scope to young generation to enjoy a lot through dating and social gatherings.These escorts are very fashionable and up to the mark which comprises with all elements. I am beautiful and carrying a remarkable height of 5’7’’ that describes me like a model figure. I choose to wear fashionable dresses or lingerie for an erotic ambience. I believe in passionate love making which goes intent and one should enjoy with extra fun and pleasure.

Independent high class Mumbai Escorts are highly talented who have mastery in the art of love making and seduction. They provide you optimum pleasure and satisfaction.

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Come on board and enjoy yourself. Make up your mind and prepare yourself for an exciting trip. When you will be with me, you will realise the sense of beauty and craving for more. This is the desire which everybody look for and here you don’t need to commit also.

This is a guarantee of a Mumbai High class Independent escort. I am a perfect companion for you so don’t hesitate to call me. I ensure you the most sizzling night to spend with me. We are committed to keep your identity secret so don’t worry. You can always feel free to call.   


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Escort Service – A Practical Concept beyond the Taboos of Society

Usually when a wife or girlfriend learn that their husband or boyfriend has some ad on any online personals dating site, then at such juncture a man will always claim he was just looking at the pictures.
My question is this a likely story?

Do men actually join dating sites to simply look at the pictures, or read the profiles and at times may even flirt a little bit or do they only sign up in order to meet real life satisfaction?

Let’s explore it today!!

There have been various studies and survey in the recent times, which indicates that almost 30% of the people that are registered on a dating site or to be more precise on the escort related sites are indeed looking for some kind of satisfaction.

Yes it is true that the statistic is huge and has been recorded among the vast popularity of our metropolitan city Mumbai. It is the Mumbai escort service that has covered almost 90% of the members who indeed claims satisfaction and seeks the same from such service. In fact this percentile actually lands up to a count of millions. Undeniably one of the largest claims to have was over 30 million members for several sites of this nature.

However there are various purposes owing to which one seeks to get engrossed within such feelings, which is basically termed as infidelity in our society.


The metropolitan society and specifically the rising stress might be considered as one of the kindling factors, for seeking such satisfaction. In medical terms as well we have come to this conclusion that when a person is sexually satisfied, he is all the more efficient in his employment genre.


Another most important point which might become a great source of rising grades in escorts’ service is the matter domestic upheaval. Yes there are many instances where your unhealthy domestic relationship, results in unromantic situations among partners. It is at such junctures that men need to satisfy their need with highly authenticated and independent Mumbai escorts.


It is not necessary that one has to approach any escort service owing to some hardship that he/she is facing. At times as human beings one has to succumb to the rising need of hormones, and this is the time when one counts on such service for the simply search for pleasure.

Today I have listed some of the most known and common purposes which leads to the rise of this industry. All of them being true, we live in such a society, which considers this entire concept to be a deceitful action. This article is simply an approach to make things all the more practical and hence ignite the practical notions in this complete taboo constrained society.

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